SBA 504 Refinance Now Available!Small business owners feeling the pressures of commercial mortgage debt coupled with rising interest rates can find relief from a refinance program offered by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and Growth Corp.

Under the SBA 504 Refinance Program, small businesses can take advantage of lower rates, fixed for up to 25 years.  This lightens monthly debt obligations, improves cash flow and stabilizes budgeting.

The 504 Refinance Program helps strengthen banks by reducing their lending exposure, while also providing a lifeline to businesses with balloon payments coming due.

With the re-launch of the 504 Refinance Program, small business owners can use the long-term, fixed rate 504 Loan Program to refinance existing commercial mortgages. This is huge considering the current trends are pointing toward tighter credit standards and higher interest rates.

SBA Administrator, Maria Contreras-Sweet, said: As both a former small business owner and a banker, I know firsthand that access to capital is the single most important factor in the survival and growth of a small business.  The 504 loan program with its long term fixed-rate can help refinance debt from adjustable rate loans with significant savings to borrowers.  Paying off existing loans with a new loan at a lower cost can help increase cash flow, which can be especially helpful in a resurgent economy.”

At a time when it’s becoming increasingly difficult to refinance commercial loans, the 504 Refinance Program is here to fill the gap by providing an affordable refinancing product that both lenders and the small business community can eagerly embrace!

Small businesses can reduce a line of credit, refinance commercial mortgage debt and obtain working capital with the 504 Refinance Program! 


  • 20-Year Fixed Rate
  • 90% Financing
  • Obtain working capital (85% Financing)
  • Improves cash flow
  • Keep your lender

Quick Qualifiers

If you answer “yes” to the following questions, your commercial mortgage debt will likely qualify for the 504 Refinance Program.

  • Is the loan at least 6 months old?
  • Is the property being refinanced at least 51% owner-occupied or long-term equipment?
  • Was the debt to be refinanced originally used for the purchase/improvement of fixed assets?
  • Has the business been current on the debt to be refinanced for the past 12 months?

 3 Keys to the Refinance Program

  1. 90% Advance Rate – No Cash Out
  2. 85% Advance Rate – Cash Out
  3. Credit Quality – minimum 12 month history of no late (30+) payments

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