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Current Interest Rates: 25-Year: 4.99% | 20-Year: 4.92% | 10-Year: 5.18% | Refi: 4.96%

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The 504 Loan Program is one of the best financing solutions on the market.  It provides small business owners with financing for the purchase, construction and renovation of commercial real estate and/or the purchase of long-term machinery and equipment. The best part?  Borrowers typically receive financing for up to 90% of the project cost at a low fixed interest rate, which is then locked in for 20- or 25-years (10 for equipment).  Plus, with the re-launch of the Refinance Program, small business owners can use the long-term, fixed rate 504 Loan Program to refinance existing commercial mortgages.  

Why SBA 504 loans are so popular:


Low, Fixed Interest Rates

With the 504, borrowers take advantage of a low interest rate, which is fixed for either 10-, 20- or 25-years.

10% Down Payment

In most cases, borrowers receive a 90% advance, which preserves working capital for day-to-day business expenses.

Includes Soft Costs

The 504 finances total project costs, including not just the costs for land, existing building, hard construction and equipment, but also soft costs like furniture, fixtures, closing costs and professional fees.

No Future Balloon Payments

With the 504, borrowers do not have to concern themselves with saving the large amount of cash necessary for a balloon payment.  This eliminates the need for refinancing, additional appraisals and deterioration in property values.

Predictable Monthly Payments

Borrowers lock in a low fixed interest rate, which gives them predictable payments and allows them to easily forecast for future years.  So there’s no inflationary pressures and interest rate increases to worry about.

Keep Your Current Lender

The 504 Loan Program requires a partnership between Growth Corp and a lending institution, so there’s no need to give up that lending relationship you’ve grown comfortable with.

How SBA 504 Loans Work



Local Bank

A bank provides a first mortgage for 
50% of the total project costs


SBA 504 Loan

Growth Corp provides an SBA 504 Loan (as a second mortgage) for 40% of the total project



The borrower provides a down payment of typically just 10% of the total project costs

Higher equity requirements exist for start-ups or special purpose properties…the equity required will increase by 5% if one condition exists or by 10% if both.

SBA 504 Loans are made in conjunction with your local you can keep your lending relationship.


What's New?

25-Year Debentures Now Available with SBA 504

In addition to the 10-year and 20-year maturities available with 504 loans, SBA is now offering a 25-year option.  The goal of this extended maturity is to decrease the monthly payments for those small businesses looking to better manage their operating capital.



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We love our communities and believe small business is the foundation of their economic prosperity.  We will do all we can to support you and your business goals.  Start-ups to seasoned businesses and everything in between can benefit from working with Growth Corp.  Here’s why:

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We’re the #1 SBA 504 Lender in Chicago and Illinois.  Growth Corp also consistently ranks as one of the top ten SBA 504 Lenders nationwide.

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