What's New with Small BusinessThe SBA’s Office of Advocacy recently released the 2018 Small Business Profiles for States and Territories.  This information provides key facts, numbers and trends regarding entrepreneurship and small business in America.  Some quick take-aways:

  • American business is overwhelmingly small business
  • The bulk of job creation comes from small businesses
  • Illinois and Missouri saw a faster growth rate than the overall U.S. growth rate in the third quarter of ’17
  • Read more from the Office of Advocacy publications …Small-Business Profiles by State


Keep in mind, the 504 encourages continued small business success…

New construction Long loan terms – up to 25 years
Real estate purchases Low, fixed interest rates
Renovations Refinancing into long-term, fixed rate
Machinery or equipment purchases Cash-out refinancing
Adding multiple locations Low down payments
Green energy upgrades

Download: Borrower’s Expansion Reference