Joel Herscher

Joel Herscher

Loan Officer

Serving the Greater Chicago area


Nick Kern

Nick Kern

Loan Officer

Serving Central/Southern Illinois and Greater St. Louis


Steve Kirby

Steve Kirby

Loan Officer

Serving the Greater Chicago Area


Steve Lindsey

Steve Lindsey

Loan Officer

Serving Southern Illinois and Greater St. Louis


Ryan O'Neill

Ryan O'Neill

Loan Officer

Serving the Greater Chicago Area


Marcia Schlicht

Marcia Schlicht

Loan Officer

Serving Central/Northern Illinois and Eastern Iowa


Growth Corp is the top CDC in Illinois, the largest 504 Lender in Chicago and a top ten 504 Lender Nationwide, but we're still just a small, focused team working together every day to make the 504 process the best it can be.

We know that when it comes to 504 loans, it's about much more than just getting an approval.  It's the ease-of-mind that comes from knowing Growth Corp's team has their finger on the pulse of the process from application to funding and even beyond into long-term servicing. It's knowing you will be informed every step of the way by the point-person responsible for overseeing the closing of your loan. It's knowing that, given Growth Corp's extremely low turn-over, you'll have the same experienced team members continuing to serve you year-after-year.

SBA recognized Growth Corp as an Accredited Lender after a thorough review of its policies, procedures and prior performance. The prestigious ALP status grants Growth Corp increased authority to process and close 504 loans, which results in an expedited process for both borrowers and lending partners.  In addition, under the ALP Express Program, Growth Corp has been granted the authority to approve, authorize, close and service SBA 504 loans of $500,000 or less.

Quality, accuracy and quick turn-around times are just some of the reasons why Growth Corp is the top CDC in Illinois, the largest 504 Lender in Chicago and a top ten 504 Lender nationwide.  But, remember, we're just a small team working together every day to make the 504 Loan process the best it can be.


Doug Kinley

Doug Kinley


Douglas Kinley was appointed President of Small Business Growth Corporation (Growth Corp) in 1992. As President, Mr. Kinley is responsible for Growth Corp’s general structure, integrity and strategic direction. He addresses complex cross-organizational business decisions related to future growth opportunities, business development and corporate governance. His role involves leading the corporation’s regulatory compliance initiatives; serving as a liaison to the U.S. Small Business Administration, the corporation’s Board of Directors and the CDC trade industry; implementing the resolutions, regulations, policies and directives of the board; presiding over both internal and external corporate communication activities and monitoring the overall performance of the organization. Under his leadership, Growth Corp has grown its portfolio in excess of $700 million and the corporation is currently the largest 504 Lender in Illinois. Throughout Kinley’s 24 years of leadership, Growth Corp has been a catalyst to thousands of small business expansions correlating to billions of dollars in small business financing.

Prior to joining Growth Corp, Mr. Kinley was a Finance Specialist at Development Services Group in Springfield, Illinois. During his tenure there he acted as Executive Director for Growth Corp and as a Loan Officer for First Illinois Development Credit Corporation. Mr. Kinley first began serving small businesses by working as a Finance Assistant, helping prospective small business owners obtain loans from area Lenders. He also spent time providing technical assistance to the Small Business Development Center in Carbondale, Illinois. The emphasis of his career has been advocating for the small business sector and overseeing the reestablishment and transformation of a once micro-CDC into one of the top rated and producing CDC’s in the industry. Today, Mr. Kinley remains focused on safeguarding Growth Corp’s long-term corporate integrity and ensuring Growth Corp’s executive officers uphold the corporation’s stated mission and policies.

David Novak, Chief Financial Officer
David Novak joined Growth Corp’s Executive Team in 2000 as Chief Financial Officer and Vice President. Mr. Novak is responsible for the overall financial management of the corporation, its financial reporting and transparency and for multiple corporate functions including treasury duties, controllership duties, investment relations, economic strategy, long-range planning, accounting and human resources. His role involves overseeing the coordination of all fiscal reporting activities for the organization; assisting the President in long-term planning; coordinating tax and annual report filing; managing the capital request and budgeting processes; developing performance measures that support the corporation’s strategic direction; overseeing human resources and employee benefit plans; ensuring adequate controls are in place; and identifying economic development investment opportunities. Mr. Novak serves both as a liaison to the corporation’s Board of Directors and as the corporation’s Government Relations Director. In addition, he is charged with carrying out the organization’s Independent Loan Reviews.

Prior to joining Growth Corp, Mr. Novak was Controller of Amoco Pipeline Company. During his sixteen year career with Amoco, he fulfilled a variety of different roles, all focused primarily in the area of analysis and planning. His entire career has been focused on financial leadership and accounting strategies, broad visionary planning and hands-on management. As Chief Financial Officer of Growth Corp, Mr. Novak is dedicated to protecting and improving Growth Corp’s financial integrity, substantiating documentation for the accounting, audit and annual report processes and overseeing all aspects of employee relations.

Mr. Novak earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Western Illinois University and, soon thereafter, earned his CPA designation.

Phil Maton, Chief Credit Officer

Phil Maton joined Growth Corp’s Executive Team in 2005 to serve as the corporation’s Chief Credit Officer. Mr. Maton is responsible for the overall management of Growth Corp’s credit administration department. In this role, he facilitates the origination of new loans and safeguards the credit quality of Growth Corp’s loan portfolio by closely analyzing all applications submitted for Board approval. Mr. Maton works to assess applicants’ credit worthiness using the risk rate process developed and approved by the Board of Directors. In addition, he initiates, develops, approves, reviews and monitors the implementation of Growth Corp’s lending policies and procedures; oversees the development and training of Growth Corp’s loan officers; establishes goals and objectives; fulfills a supervisory role to Growth Corp’s loan origination and credit analysis team; ensures the credit merit of all loans prior to closing; and is a liaison to Growth Corp’s Board of Directors and Loan Committee.

Prior to joining Growth Corp, Mr. Maton was President and Chief Executive Officer of Marine Bank. Under his leadership, the bank grew from $7 million in assets to $650 million in assets, and saw the number of staff increase from seven to 250+. His nearly 30 year work history also includes four years as Executive Vice President and Chief Credit Officer of National State Bank of Metropolis and three years as Internal Auditor for CVR Banking Group. With his plethora of credit administration and executive management experience, Mr. Maton is now focused on maximizing loan profitability within capital risk limitations and providing supervisory leadership for the lending and credit teams.

Mr. Maton earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Finance from Eastern Illinois University.

Gregg Kyes, Chief Technology Officer
Gregg Kyes joined Growth Corp in 1998 and is responsible for ensuring Growth Corp’s technological capabilities meet or exceed the industry’s current standards of innovation. His role involves maintaining the integrity of the corporation’s current technological infrastructure, identifying risks and opportunities in the ever-evolving technical culture, safeguarding the corporation’s data and making processes more efficient and cost effective. He controls the information technology functions of the corporation, which include data storage, backup and recovery processes, software licensing, security, email, virus and spam protection and disaster recovery. Mr. Kyes is also heavily involved in the development of Growth Corp’s cross-organizational policies and procedures.

Prior to his role as Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Kyes served as Growth Corp’s Portfolio Manager. In this role, he developed the framework for managing the corporation’s portfolio, managed and controlled portfolio risks and oversaw portfolio reporting. His career also includes over ten years as a Quality Assurance Engineer for companies such as Diagraph Corporation and Nellcor Puritan Bennet, Inc. His vast experience in the fields of quality assurance, portfolio management and engineering serve him well in his current role as Chief Technology Officer and in his abilities to develop written policies and procedures that contribute to better organizational controls.

Mr. Kyes earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Economics from Illinois College. He also earned an Associate Degree of Applied Science in Quality Control Management from Spartan School of Aeronautics in Oklahoma.

Shannon Crawford, Closing Manager
Shannon Crawford joined Growth Corp in 2009 and, as Closing Manager, is responsible for overseeing and reporting the Loan Closing functions of the corporation. Her role involves compliance monitoring to ensure the corporation’s closing practices are compliant with internal policies and SBA guidelines; supervising and assisting Growth Corp’s closing team with all processes that occur from the time of loan authorization issuance until the loan funds or the authorization is cancelled; monitoring the progress of each project waiting to close; ensuring prudent action is taken to prepare for closing; coordinating 327 actions; gathering and reviewing all documentation necessary for closing; assuring appraisals and environmentals are adequate per the projects’ Loan Authorizations; preparing Closing documents; performing modifications as necessary; sending closing and collateral packages to the Central Servicing Agent and SBA offices; and overseeing all communication with the lenders, borrowers and attorneys involved in the loan projects. In addition, Mrs. Crawford also coordinates complete file review and quality assurance audits when requested by SBA.

Prior to her role as Closing Manager, Mrs. Crawford assisted Growth Corp’s Closing Attorneys, Patterson, Rollins & Kurtz, for six years. In this role, she prepared closing documents, verified regulatory compliance and ensured timely submission of loan closing packages to SBA. Her career also includes over seven years of experience in the Title Industry where she specialized in title search and review, construction escrow and issuance of title policies. With her extensive experience in real estate transactions and SBA loan closings, Mrs. Crawford is highly qualified to provide supervisory leadership and support to Growth Corp’s closing team while ensuring the corporation’s closing processes are timely and meet or exceed the requirements set forth by SBA.

Mrs. Crawford is also a six-year Veteran of the United States Army and Army National Guard.

Randy Neumann, Portfolio Manager
Randy Neumann joined Growth Corp in 2008 and, as Portfolio Manager, is responsible for overseeing and reporting on the Loan Servicing, Litigation and Liquidation functions of the corporation. His role involves compliance monitoring to ensure Growth Corp’s loan portfolio is in compliance with internal policies and SBA guidelines; assisting the SBA offices in Fresno, California, and Chicago, Illinois, with monitoring and processing any actions necessary for Growth Corp’s liquidation portfolio; supervising and assisting Growth Corp’s servicing team with all processes that occur from the time a loan funds until it is mature, paid in full or charged off by SBA; monitoring the Lender Portal Reports; and ensuring the corporation’s risk measurement scores are meeting or exceeding its peer group. In addition, Mr. Neumann also serves as a liaison to the Board of Directors, which involves reporting of the corporation’s performance metrics, portfolio exits, non-current loans, portfolio concentration details and Lender Portal reports.

Prior to his role as Portfolio Manager, Mr. Neumann served on Growth Corp’s Servicing team for three years. Under the guidance and leadership of Gregg Kyes, former Portfolio Manager, and through dedicated participation in NADCO’s training courses, Mr. Neumann gained extensive experience and broad knowledge of loan portfolio management. Furthermore, his credentials also include designations from the banking industry, as he was Marine Bank’s Assistant Branch Manager prior to joining Growth Corp. This experience has qualified Mr. Neumann to supervise and assist the portfolio team, serve on Growth Corp’s Loan Review Board and oversee the identification, documentation, evaluation and dispositioning of loans that do not conform to loan expectations.

Mr. Neumann earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Southern Illinois University.

Our mission is to advocate for small businesses.

We love our communities and believe small business is the foundation of their economic prosperity.  We will do all we can to support you and your business goals.  Start-ups to seasoned businesses and everything in between can benefit from working with Growth Corp.  Here’s why:

We Are An Industry Leader

We’re the #1 SBA 504 Lender in Chicago and Illinois.  Growth Corp also consistently ranks as one of the top ten SBA 504 Lenders nationwide.

In Business Since 1992

We’ve assisted thousands of businesses spanning various industries.  In fact, our portfolio is currently in excess of $675 million.

Trusted by the U.S. SBA

SBA recognized Growth Corp as an Accredited Lender after a thorough review of its policies, procedures and prior performance.

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